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Hey guys!

I dont know how many people actually read this or w/e...but heres the thing.

Me and patrice are going out saturday to buy a whole bunch of stuff for the dressing room.

-Bobby pins
-safety pins
-hand soap
-face soap
-make up remover
-cough drops
-glade plug ins
-air freshner
-food (chips, cookies, juicies, iced tea)

If u know ur going to be in the dressing room (thats senoirs and people with lines) and u know that ull be using any of the thigns on this list, its no problem, just find me and patrice tomorrow or any day, and give us like 5 dollars or something, and then there ya go u can partake in the snacks and hair supplies

Im gonna amke a list of people who payed, and if i see u takin the stuff without paying ILL BE AFTER UR BLOOD. no lie, im nice BUT IM A CHEAP CHEAP JEW

also one other thing

there is an invention called...the Sunbeam hot chocolate dispenser
it basically is u put in some hot water to something that looks liek a coffee maker, and it shoots out some hot water and u make whatever u want wiht it.

IF anjyone has this WOuld u be so kind to bring it in? everyones gonna need tea with the way were screaming so BRing it around
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